Wills & Estates

In depth estate planning taking into account various entities with their tax liabilities – for establishing a long term, asset safe, low tax structure or just the drafting of an ordinary legal will for the client that already know what he wants etc.

Why do I need a Will?

Almost no one has an up to date will. A will is in most cases the best or worst last memories your heirs will have of you. In some cases a poorly drafted will – or the lack of one – means the end of a family. After a good fight, brothers and sisters never speak to each other again – not to speak of the mother who is left with nothing but a broken family.

What to put in a Will?

Even if you only have one earring – specify in your last will and testament what should happen to this. Even if you decide to leave everything to one child and nothing to the other, at least it will be clear and they will still love each other when you are gone.

How can we help you?

Please contact us to help you by listing all possible assets as one forget easily to mention the shares in a company or something similar. We will also help you decide on the best candidate to be the executor and make suggestions like a trust for the children etc. depending on the scenario. We also determine the cash needed to finalize the estate, and make suggestions about structuring your business to take care of the cash flow needs.

Options when putting the will together

We have a lot of open options around this – some cases require that the spouse should be in the same month to month financial position as prior to death. (We usually try to link this returns to items that keep track of inflation – like rental income on farming property or livestock). Other scenarios just require a lump sum to pay the Capital Gains Tax or Estate duty in the estate.

In Conclusion

Our focus is not only on the financial matters but also on the human side of this event. We make use of a trustworthy agent that every time searches though the available products before giving the choice to the client. (Not brand specific – Sanlam/Old Mutual/Liberty – whichever offers the best return with the least variation/risk.

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