Business Management

Financial Analysis and Advice

Financial analysis and advice; For better profits vs less risk:

With over 800 clients all over SA in every industry we believe we have the necessary experience to assist in most scenarios. This includes the breakdown of yearly figures and highlighting certain abnormal results.

It can’t be stressed enough that one needs to keep on improvising to succeed in SA. We have the necessary knowledge to compare your business to your particular industry. We can help you determine whether to expand in a horizontal or vertical direction, or to simply just cut on the abnormal expenses. We are proud to not only help in determining the problem areas or finding solutions, but to assist in the implementing and monitoring of this on a continual basis.

Management Statements and Financial Statements

Assist in drafting of Management statements and Financial Statements, revaluation of assets etc. to get a proper image of you to provide to 3rd parties. As we all know by now 3rd parties need up to date information to enable them to decide on your credibility. This image of yourselves is often understated or simply not in usable format for financial institution. We can explain to you the need to include certain info, arrange it in a usable format as requested by institutions. This speeds up the application process. Mostly we make contact with the 3rd party and find out exactly what is needed so no time(money) is wasted on the unnecessary, but focus on the facts.

Registrations: Closed Corporations, Companies and Trusts

We provide guidance, register and maintain all corporate forms of trading. We register Closed Corporations, Companies and Trusts on your behalf. We also register for the relevant taxes and maintenance by keeping annual “red tape” like meetings, CIPRO Fees etc. up to date. Depending on the situation – whether one have interests he need to be protected or just need a corporate trading entity we provide clients with detailed pros and cons about various entities in their specific situations. Companies/ Corporations are registered with the registrar of companies as opposed to Trusts which are registered with the Master of the High Court. Trusts and companies have specific purposes and a well planned combination not only safeguards your family and assets, but also makes a great contribution to tax savings. We believe we have the necessary knowledge to make this combination a reality for you.

Cash Flow Statement/ Budget Control

We assist in preparing projected cash flow statements / budget control etc. Most people are unaware of the edge you can have above the rest when keeping and controlling a budget, especially when having a special budget that is divided between fixed and variable expenses. When done properly and you are trained, you can calculate your profit for the day while waiting at the red light – in your head! Most financial institutions also need a budget – either to renew an overdraft or to get a loan. We can either draw up the budget for you or just give you the necessary guidelines and a demo to do one yourself.Edit

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