Company Profile

Trio Trust has been around since 1985. Hennie Retief, one of the founders (a third of the trio) is still part of the company. It is mainly a family business now, with  Anneen Oberholzer (daughter of Hennie Retief) and Chris Oberholzer (husband to Anneen Oberholzer). They make up the trio in Trio Trust. Chris and Anneen Oberholzer has been with Trio Trust since 2001. All three of them are registered with SAIPA as practicing members. Other staff personnel adds up to ± 12. We strive to be a one stop office for all finance issues.

We believe we are unique in that we utilize every means possible to keep money in our clients pockets – even if it means less for us.

…or to elaborate:

We save on taxes (our number 1 specialty), always measure savings vs effort balance), etc. For example, we advise clients with larger estates to make one of their family members the executor to prevent a fee of 3.5% to go to a bank or ourselves, as we are aware that the family member can in this case hire a professional of choice for less than the 3.5%. We are thus 100% loyal to our clients – no hidden agenda.

We assist clients nationally even though we are based in Middleburg. This is made possible through modern technology, which also makes it possible for one to use the best guys – not necessary the local guys!

We do not exaggerate our capacity by saying that “we know everything”. We have the approach of “if we don’t know, we will do the homework and get the best knowledge back to you”, rather than give you the wrong information or advice. We have a group of well established experts in every area (lawyers, tax specialists, auditors, a gentleman who served as Master of High Court in Grahamstown – now in private practice etc.) with whom we exchange knowledge on a regular basis.